L’art est un pas de la nature vers l’Infini.

After finishing secondary school I decided to study at the Fine Arts Superior School in Lugano, where I obtained my “high school diploma” in painting and was awarded the Maraini Prize for the best student in painting.
Due to personal and financial reasons I then accepted various temporary jobs in Ticino and Geneva, where I chose to live from 1970 onwards.
There I continued my studies following different modules at the IUED, Institut Universitaire Etude et Développement, and the Law Faculty of the University of Geneva as well in Aix en Provence.
At the end 1976 I moved to Beirut in order to study Arabic at the Institut Universitaire St. Joseph During the first year at St. Joseph, the civil war broke out and the University was forced to close down. Despite the situation, I remained in Lebanon, having the chance to work as a photo reporter for an independent newspaper; photography together with painting, being another of my passions.
I returned to Geneva in 1978 and I took the opportunity to hold an exhibition of some of my B/W pictures in Geneva and in other Swiss cities, which ran for a few months under the title of “…du thym à l’oranger….
During my experience as a photographer and a witness of my “first” war, I had the chance to observe daily the work of the ICRC and my professional future was decided there and then f rom 1980 to 2005, I worked for the ICRC continuously in the field as well in Geneva.
In the summer of 2009, thanks to a friend who suggested a watercolor course in Venice given by a very good British/Swiss artist, Freeda Auschler in the framework o f the Fine Arts Academy of Vienna, my passion for painting reignited. I continued these courses in Venice, New York and Switzerland.
Since 2018 I am responsible for a course of free painting (pittura in libertà) given to adults in a Cultural Centre named La Filanda, (Cantonal Library) in Mendrisio Besides I continue my personal painting search of different modes of expression using transparency, forms, and techniques that seem to repeat the mselves but are never the same.
Each work is a moment of deep emotion which can only arise in this way as far as I am concerned.