Maryluce Sartori







Ripassa domani realtà,

per oggi basta!

(F. Pessoa)












About me


After primary and  high school I decided to study at the Fine Arts Superior School in Lugano, where I obtained my “high school diploma” in painting as well as well as the Maraini Prize awarded to the best student of the section.


Due to personal and financial reasons I then accepted various temporary jobs in Tessin and Geneva,  where I  chose to live from 1970.


There I continued my studies following different modules at the IUED (Institut Universitaire Etude et Développement) in parallel to the Law Faculty.


At the end 1976 I moved to Beirut in order to study Arabic at the Institut Universitaire St. Joseph. After 5 months of intensive course the civil war broke definitely out and the University closed down.

In spite of that, I remained in Lebanon, getting the chance to work as a photo reporter for an independent newspaper, photography being  -with painting-  another of my passions.


I returned to Geneva in 1978 and I took the opportunity to make an exhibition of some of my pictures in Geneva and in other Swiss cities, which runned for a few months under the title of “...du thym à l'oranger.... “.


 During my  experience as a photographer and a witness of my “first” war, I had the chance to watch  the daily work of the ICRC in the field and my professional future was decided there.

From 1980 to 2005, I worked  for this Institution without interruption in the field as well in Geneva.


All that to underline my complete absence from any painting activity during 40 years, even though I kept on following the work of artists whenever I could in the places where I was.


In summer 2009 , thanks to a friend who suggested me a watercolor course in Venice given by a very good British/Swiss artist in the framework of the Fine Arts Academy of Wien, my passion for painting sparkled again.

I continued those courses in Venice and others in Switzerland.


Since I work in the search of different modes of expression using transparency, stratum and techniques that seem to repeat themselves but never are the same, each work is a moment of deep emotion which can only arise in this way, as far as I am concerned.

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